Disabled Veterans and Disability Benefits

There is a difference between the application process for Social Security disability and veterans’ disability. The requirements for SSDI are also different from those for veterans’ disability. For example, a claimant must have worked and paid an adequate amount of Social Security taxes prior to becoming disabled.Buffalo disability lawyer

Once a claimant submits his or her application, it can take a few months before the claimant receives a decision. However, veterans may qualify for an expedited decision if they were disabled on or after October 1, 2001. To have the process expedited, the claimant will need to ask the SSA for the “Exhibit – Critical Request Evaluation Sheet,” or I-2-1-95.

Disability Decisions

Many disability applications are denied initially, and veterans’ applications are no exception. In the event that the application is approved, the claimant will receive written notification informing the claimant how much he or she will receive and when the benefits will be paid.

If the application is denied, an attorney might advise you to appeal the decision. The next step will be a scheduled hearing with an administrative law judge. Applicants may wait several months for a hearing. As with the initial application, veterans who were disabled in connection with their military service may qualify for an expedited hearing.

Obtaining Legal Counsel for the Appeals Process

Many people who have been denied benefits seek the support of legal counsel for the appeals process. A disability lawyer at Pashler & Devereaux may help a claimant obtain additional medical evidence to support the case.

Veterans may choose to seek legal counsel before filing their initial application for SSDI benefits because there are several differences between the process of applying for veterans’ benefits and applying for SSDI benefits. For example, SSDI benefits are not based on a rating system as they are with veterans’ benefits.

If you are a disabled veteran and have questions regarding SSDI benefits, you may wish to speak with an attorney. To schedule a private and confidential appointment, please call the office of Pashler & Devereaux at 716-874-1739.


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