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The Role of the Advocate

Claimants have many questions regarding their Social Security Disability case including who approves the claim and what role an advocate plays in the process. The process is time-consuming and involves a great deal of documentation, paperwork and approvals.

How to Submit DocumentationBuffalo SSD lawyer

Once you have completed your paperwork and gathered your documentation such as medical records, you can submit it either online or in person at your local Social Security Administration Field Office. The non-medical requirements of your claim will be reviewed at the field office. Once the review is complete, the field office will forward it to Disability Determination Services for evaluation.

Evaluation by Disability Determination Services

Disability Determination Services (DDS) will review your medical documentation. The office will begin by reviewing the medical evidence you have provided. If the evidence is sufficient, the office will make a decision and will then send it back to the field office. In the event that more evidence is needed, DDS will arrange a consultative evaluation (CE). The purpose of the CE is to gather enough evidence to make a decision.

The CE could be with a third-party physician; however, the DDS prefers to use your own doctor. Following the CE, the DDS will make a decision that it will forward to the field office. Next, the field office will contact you and inform you of the decision.

The Role of an Advocate

Most claims are denied in the beginning. However, you can appeal the decision and have your claim evaluated by an administrative law judge. Many people seek the help of a legal advocate to file a stronger claim with better medical evidence. A legal advocate can also help a claimant prepare for a hearing with an ALJ by going over practice questions.

There are several ways that an attorney can help you with your disability case. If you would like to learn more about how a lawyer from Pashler and Devereaux can help you with your Social Security Disability claim, please call the office of Chris Pashler or Kathleen Devereaux at 716-874-1739 to schedule a confidential appointment.


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