An Overview of Children’s Disability

Disability Lawyers in Buffalo Explain Qualifying for Benefits for Your Child

According to our disability attorney in Buffalo, the Social Security Administration will want detailed information about your child’s health and the day-to-day effects of an impairment on their life. They will want your permission to allow medical professionals, therapists, teachers and others to share their observations with them. Our disability attorney in Buffalo can help you compile this paperwork.

A List of the Needed Documentation from our Disability Attorney in Buffalo

Here is a list of some of the paperwork the SSA will review:
Medical information, including doctor’s notes
School records
Report cards
Attendance records
And any other relevant documentation.

If you are unsure about what records to submit, call our disability attorney in Buffalo.

Our Disability Attorney in Buffalo Explains Presumptive Payments

According to our disability lawyers in Buffalo, the SSA will release payments immediately for as long as six months while they determine your child’s disability in the following cases: HIV, total blindness or deafness, muscular dystrophy, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, serious mental retardation, low birth weights under 2 pounds, 10 ounces. Our disability attorney in Buffalo reports that if the state agency later determines that the disability is not serious enough to warrant SSI payments, you do not have to repay the benefits you received. Our disability attorney in Buffalo can provide you with additional information on how this applies to your case.

If you are uncertain as to if your child qualifies for SSI benefits, call our disability lawyers in Buffalo. Chris Pashler, disability attorney in Buffalo, is available to answer your questions at 716-874-1739.

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