Social Security Disability provides very important benefits to the qualified disabled who cannot work.
These benefits fall under two categories:

SSD Benefits

Social Security Disability insurance is administered through the Social Security Trust Fund and is primarily based on your employment history and decisions about your disability.  In addition, Social Security keeps track of work credits that you have earned.  If you have enough credits, are under age 65, and suffer from a qualifying disability, you may be entitled to benefits.  However, proving a qualifying disability can be challenging.  A lawyer from Pashler & Devereaux can substantially help you in securing a final judgment that your disability qualifies you for SSD benefits.

ssd and ssi benefitsSSI Benefits

Often a disabled person faces economic hardship.  Social Security has a benefit program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI),  that applies when there is dire economic need.  Qualifying is difficult.  The program is paid for directly by taxpayers rather than by the Social Security Trust Fund.  Assistance from a lawyer at Pashler & Devereaux can help you prove that you meet both the medical and economic standards.

Which Program Applies to Me?

These two programs address different needs of the disabled.  Guidance from a lawyer at Pashler & Devereaux in the application process can greatly increase the success of your application(s).  These programs are NOT simple.  They involve many factors related to your medical condition and your personal circumstances.

Pashler & Devereaux will take the time to listen carefully to your circumstances and give you the best possible advice on how to proceed.  Only by your lawyer understanding your story and understanding the application process can you be sure that you are presenting the strongest possible claim for benefits.  The Pashler & Devereaux law firm is committed to listening to your story and skillfully advocating on your behalf.

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