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Pashler & Devereaux is a law firm committed to helping their clients secure changes that improve their lives. The firm, started in 2013, focuses on helping the disabled, who are qualified, secure the benefits to which they are entitled and helping families resolve difficult issues involving custody and support. Christopher Pashler and Kathleen Devereaux have built their firm upon a lifetime of experience with legal issues that challenge many families. Christopher worked as a staff attorney for the Social Security Administration and as an instructor at SUNY Buffalo Law School. He has researched and published law review articles on Social Security Disability and has spoken nationally on the topic. Federal District and Appellate Court Judges regularly cite his research on unique disability issues. Kathleen’s experience stretches from Washington, D.C., where she regularly appeared in court on family related matters concerning custody and support, to Erie County, New York where she does similar work for the Erie County Family Court.

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Christopher and Kathleen are ready to put their considerable skills to work for you on your problems related to disability or family matters. You can be assured that they will work very diligently to develop solutions that can help secure changes designed to improve the quality of your life. Contact them today to see how they can help.

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